Celebrate Israeli Independence in NYC, 1969!

In 1969 photographer Yael Rozen happened to be in New York City just in time for the Israeli Independence Day parade. View the photos from the joyous event in the Big Apple.

The National Library of Israel
The ladies of "Hadassah" marching on Fifth Avenue

Two years after the Six-Day War, when Israel was still euphoric, Fifth Avenue was the place to celebrate the independence of the young Jewish state.

Yael Rozen was in the United States taking a photography course and she captured magical moments of the parade.

Celebrating the liberated Jerusalem
The National Council of Young Israel toiling the land
Young “Revolutionaries” flying the flags of Israel and the United States, both free of the British Empire
Beitar and a Hora circle marching together
The ladies of “Hadassah” marching on Fifth Avenue
Proud to wave the flag

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