Moments in Time: A Journey to the First Days of the State of Israel

As Israel’s 75th Independence Day approaches, we take a look at the achievements and challenges of the young country, portrayed through a variety of moments: first steps on Israel’s soil; water pipes breaking through the heart of a desert; meetings between languages and cultures. Moments of joy and creation, difficulty and coping, but mostly seeing how so many individuals joined together to create something beautiful: Israel

Yom HaZikaron: A Light in the Darkness

Memorial candles are woven into all aspects of Yom HaZikaron: lit during public ceremonies, by bereaved families at gravesides on Har Hertzl, and of course in homes up and down the country. But why do we use a candle to commemorate the fallen heroes of Israel? What inspires us to shed light in a day full of darkness?

A Cry for Change: Protesting in the Promised Land

The protests taking Israel by storm this month are part of a long, heartfelt history of Israelis taking to the streets to make their voices heard. Whether their demands are peaceful or passionate, one thing has always remained constant: The power of ordinary Israeli people to affect big change when they put their mind to it

A Celebrity’s Guide to Israel…

Some of the world’s biggest celebrities have graced Israel’s shores over the years. Among them were some true “Israel lovers.” Here’s a look at several typical stops on Israel’s classic celebrity tourist trail…

Moshe Dayan: A Life in Pictures

The Israeli general and politician Moshe Dayan was one of the most iconic and photogenic figures in the country’s history. We dove into the National Library collections and selected a handful of pictures that captured both historic and personal moments in his eventful life