Rachel Lichtenstein

British author Rachel Lichtenstein is internationally known for her books, exhibitions and other multi-disciplinary projects that explore Jewish life and culture. She currently works as Associate Professor of Place Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University (U.K) and as the historian and archivist at London’s oldest Ashkenazi synagogue Sandys Row. Her publications include: Estuary: Out from London to the Sea, (Hamish Hamilton, 2016), Diamond Street (Hamish Hamilton, 2012), On Brick Lane (Hamish Hamilton, 2008) Rodinsky’s Room (Granta, 1999 with Iain Sinclair), Keeping Pace: Older Women of the East End (Women’s Library, 2003), A Little Dust Whispered (2002) and Rodinsky’s Whitechapel (Artangel, 1999). www.rachellichtenstein.com

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