Dani Rotstein

Dani is originally from New Jersey but fell in love with Spain when he spent his junior year of college studying in Madrid. He has since lived in Miami and New York and has traveled the globe producing TV commercials. Dani moved to the island of Mallorca in 2014, where he learned of the taboo history of the island's descendants of Jewish-Conversos - named "Chuetas." He became involved with the local Jewish community of the Balearic Islands and began focusing on community building. In 2018, together with his wife Carla, he founded Limud Mallorca and they have run over 50 successful events promoting diversity and inclusion in the small yet growing Jewish community. In April 2018 they launched the first Limmud Day on the island, which drew over 85 participants and 18 speakers from all over Europe. He has been an elected member of the synagogue board since August 2018 and last December founded Jewish Majorca - an educational tourism company that offers walking, cycling, and driving routes to Jewish Heritage sites around the island. One of its goals is to create a space for open dialogue between members of all faiths in the mixed-group settings. The company's vision is to curate engaging history-telling experiences in order to fight ignorance, inspire connections, and spark further curiosity into the Jewish community's past and present to visitors and residents alike. He believes that the revival of modern Jewish life in Spain shows that greater awareness and tolerance can be achieved throughout Europe and the world.

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