Leor Jacobi

Born in California to Israeli parents, Leor Jacobi embarked upon years of Talmud Study after completing his BA at the University of California. Upon returning to academia he completed an MA at Bar-Ilan University. Extending upon his MA Thesis and several publications, he is currently researching "Multilingual Manuscript Fragments of Girona, Lost Talmudic Literature and Jewish Craftsmanship in Christian Catalonia", at Bar-Ilan and with a Humboldt Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship at JGU Mainz. Leor also completed a 2020 Bar-Ilan University PhD Thesis in the Department of Jewish Art entitled: "The Intrusion of Falconry in Art and Rabbinic Literature: Reading Medieval Culture into Ancient Sources", as well as publishing studies on Rabbinic Literature and Hebrew Bibliography. Leor has lectured at numerous academic conferences around the globe, including Germany, Spain, France, Poland, the USA and Abu Dhabi. He resides in Jerusalem with his wife Dana and family and is often found loitering at the National Library of Israel.

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