IWD Special: Fixing the Sexist Ads of the Past!

In honor of International Woman's Day, we attempted to rectify old adverts we found in the archives.

The National Library of Israel

The advertising world of the land of Israel is a blast from the “past”:

Men are experts, managers, and powerful.

And the women?

The women make the most of cleaning the home, and of course, make sure to look nice for their husbands.

This gender divide affected and effects of the sex roles assigned to men and women and infiltrate society at large and reflect the social order that keeps men and women unequal. We say no more!

We gave graphic artist Ofra Kobliner few old adverts and asked her to rectify the past.

“I Found Her in the Newspaper”

“Yes, she is an excellent secretary,” said the big boss that appears to have been pulled out of Mad Men. “I got her in an ad I published in ‘Haaretz'”.

And… Hocus Pocus!

The secretary has changed from “Her” to “Hom”, and instead of Don Draper, we have Peggy Olsen

There’s more than meets the eye in Haaretz.

Advert for “Haaretz”, 1962. From the Eri Wallish Collection

Do You Find It Difficult To Wash the Dishes Standing Up, Sir? You Can Do the Washing Sitting!

It’s so much easier to the chores sitting down.

Don’t you think?

Well if it’s so easy, the mister can do it just like you, sister.

You’re welcome.

From the book “How to Cook in the Land of Israel” by Dr. Orna Meir, 1937.

Imagine It’s a Pasta Machine

Roll the garment for freshly rinsed and wrung washing!

You, sir, can also easily rinse and wring your pants in the home washing machine.

Don’t forget to iron.

An advert for the “Zach 3” washing machine, the late 1950s. From the Israeliana Collection of Hedi Or

And Now We Are Free

Do we have news for you! Once upon a time before Passover, you were a slave! Now thanks to this excellent floor soap… you’re still a slave.

This time, the men will wash the floors too!

It’s really time you broke free.

An advert for “Bareket”, end of the 1950s. The Shamir Brothers Collection

Who Knows the Four?

We thought they meant the four matriarchs…

But they really meant the cleaning set of four cleaning products. Any man or woman can use them.

Any more questions?

The Best Cleaning Items of Paschim, the 1950s. The Shamir Brothers Collection.

Treat Yourself!

This refreshing and easy recipe for cold avocado soup will give you some extra time for yourself, ma’am.

And for the househusbands among you.

You’ve earned it!

A recipe booklet by “Vita”, the 1970s we suspect.

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