Gary Wexler

From peace making to terror and education to community building in the former Soviet Union, Gary Wexler captured Jewish life in a creative medium that had never before been used to tell the story of the Jewish people. Advertising campaigns. In 1988, Gary Wexler was a copywriter and creative director, winning awards for his campaigns for clients such as Apple and Coca Cola. One night he pulled out the four Jews on his creative team telling them, “I’m going to a conference in Israel to present a campaign targeted at young Jews just like you, uninvolved in Jewish life, convincing them to enroll their kids in some form of Jewish education. You want to volunteer?” This led to the creation of Passion Marketing, Gary’s agency for nonprofit communication. Among his clients were many of the major organizations in the Jewish world globally, from the US to Israel, from Europe to Canada. Today, Gary is a consultant and a professor of Advertising, Team Creativity and Nonprofit Marketing in the Masters program at the University of Southern California’s (USC) Annenberg School of Communication.

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